3 BHK Traditional Style Home Design At 2000 Sq Ft

Every so often, traditional houses will not satisfy the eye as much as modern contemporary houses do. But here is an exception with this house. Only one glance is well enough and it will serve as enough to persuade you that this is certainly not an archetypal, traditional house. The designer succeeded in abducting the allure of a steeply sloping roof into both the floors and also finished it with a splendid border.


The border runs through almost every corner of the roof which highlights its beauty in the process. Many pillars are seen supporting the entire sit out verandah area of the house, these pillars are designed with a cylindrical structure, with some simple designs all over it.


Few projections erecting out of the floors are unique and magnificent which enhances and boost the beauty of the house. Wooden hand railings are added throughout the sit out a position which helps to give out a traditional style. The entire house is plotted across an area of 2000 Sq Ft.

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