3 BHK Traditional Style Home Design At 2165 Sq Ft

The accusation for killing old traditions for modernization is all around nowadays. And if you follow them as well then maybe this may fit your dream space. Ultimately, living in a traditional way is turning into a trend the upcoming days. This house plan covers an area of 2165 Sq Ft, with a double floor plan. Altogether it provides 3 bedrooms with an equal number of bathrooms as well. For emphasizing the  Indian tradition carvings on the roof itself is enough.


Adjacent to the main entrance is situated a car porch to park the occupant’s car and a comfortable sit out. After passing through this you make a grand entrance to the living area that also reserved small area for prayers. The living room is so spacious to accommodate many people at once.


There are two bedrooms provisioned in this floor and both of them are exceptionally well furnished and warm due to their extensive space and attached bathrooms. The dining room has direct access to the modular kitchen where it leads you to a small adequate store area and the work area.


All together in short the ground floor covers the entire home plan area. In fact, the first floor is barely there and it has an area of 505 Sq Ft only to occupy a bedroom with attached bathroom. One thing you’ll notice when you make your way to the plan on the second floor is that it’s barely there. It covers only an area of 505 square feet and has a bedroom with an attached bathroom.

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