4 Bedroom Double Floor Contemporary Home Design at 1750 Sq Ft

 Get ready to be astonished as we’ve brought a design for a 4 bedroom double floor home in 1750 square feet at just 22.5 lakhs.  The key to keeping costs down is proper planning.
The more time you put in up front to determine your goals for the project to figure out exactly what you want, how you want it built, and where you want it built, the more you’ll be able to make good cost-effective and smart decisions from the start. The ground floor occupies around 926 square feet. The living room is located at the heart of the house, close to a bedroom.
However, the first floor occupies only 786 square feet. The balcony is simply awesome. We’ve got 3 bedrooms available out of which two are bath attached. The walls of the hall and the walls of the stairs are painted off-white.
The furniture is a mix of contemporary design classics and well-looking pieces. There is a prayer niche available downstairs. The porch is quite enormous indeed. The ventilation provided is splendid!

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