4 BHK Contemporary Home Design At 1915 Sq Ft

Hey!! Fan of a traditional Kerala architecture? Then check this house it would be an ideal one you are searching. First and foremost the most attention-seeking factor about this house is its design. The roofs are designed to be in a wide area certainly is large, a flat massive roofs make it look modish. There are a few pillars used in the designing of this house. The pillars are simple, plain still they match in perfectly with the modernized design of this house without any flaws.


Since the simplicity of the balcony and the plainness of the windows make an extra point to the entire design. Everything from its floor to the roof is simple and they are put together in an eccentric way. The windows are caved inside the wall and the squared designs following all the windows go well with the overall contemporary designing of the house. Some of the house walls are designed with that of the brick design which gives a traditional touch. The railings on the balcony are plush yet simple.

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3 Responses

  1. afras says:

    pls send a picture two house in single courtyard

  2. Puja kumari says:

    मैं भी एक ऐसा मकान बनबाना चाहता हूँ

  3. Rahim says:

    Plz snd 1500 sqft 3 bedroom house in single floor.

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