4 BHK Contemporary Home Design At 2933 Sq Ft

If you’re urging for a traditional Kerala architectural house, then this house would be a perfect fit. Extended across an area of 2933 sq ft where it has two floors, along with 3 spacious bedrooms and 4 luxurious bathrooms. Different types of pillars are  launched to hold up the house together, but some pillars appear in a unique design that draws regards. The pillars found in the car porch area on the ground floor is wider and rectangular in shape and also they don’t appear plain because it is designed with plain parallel lines and more alluring than the ones found upstairs.


Altogether they aid in designing the house look taller. The roof is yet another that we can’t keep away and also it serves in heightening the entire design of the house. In the case of the roof also it contains different types, one flat and the other slightly sloped ones. The roofs almost cover the ground floor as well as the first floor.


The windows are made simple and plain having some external shades which are as same as that of the roofs. The railings in the balcony area of the first floor are made wooden. And it makes the house enhance in its traditional ways.


Both the floors contain a sit out area, a living room, 2 bedrooms on each floor with luxurious attached bathrooms, an expansive dining room, a kitchen, a stair to climb up to the first floor, a balcony, an open terrace and a work area.

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