4 BHK Contemporary Style Modern Home Design At 2100 Sq Ft

Every contemporary house is famous for its rich and unique taste of style. This dream project is plotted and designed across an area of 2100 Sq Ft and designed be in a double storage format. The entire house is designed and moulded with the contemporary style and they owe the latest architectural designs of the modern era. Only a few pillars are seen and that alone do worth a lot. The entire house is made of an inspiration for the keen edges and straight lines grooves.


Two variant types of roofs are used in the house, which are flat and the other is deeply sloped one. A new modern stripe design is used well with its inspiration and every wall are made plain and bare.


A small balcony is provided with the stripe designed pillars. The house is plotted in 2100 Sq Ft and was designed to have as many as facilities it could have.


The house consists of a car porch, a sit out, comfortable living room, 4 bedrooms with attached bathroom facility, dining area, kitchen cum storage room, and an open terrace.

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