4 BHK Contemporary Style Modern Home Design At 3832 Sq Ft

This house will lock your eyes and it will wrap your mind around this charms of the house. The unique factor of this house is the variant roof style it adapted. The three differently shaped roofs are the highlight of this house providing shelter and making the house look more beautiful. Altogether they bring in an eccentric feel which was backed by almost all the modern homes. All the parts except the curvy portion of the house are made pointed and sharp.


The curvy portion of the roof is unique when compared to other roofs. All the windows are provided with a separate shady roof to protect from over sunshine and rainfalls. The shades are given more importance since it blends in well with the entire home design. The triangular edged roof is given a beautiful border and also it is given a unique structure among the other roofs.


A balcony is provisioned on the first floor and its railings are given a simple and plush touch. Few pillars are seen all over the house with a granite embedding design.


The entire house is plotted with all the necessary facilities. It includes a car porch, a sit out area, a comfortable living room, 4 bedrooms, 2 on each floor, a kitchen, a store, dining area, and a balcony.

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