4 BHK Contemporary Styled Double Floor House At 2190 Sq Ft

This house is made out of a passion for the contemporary styles. The house is double storage designed and build in 2190 Sq Ft. The house is surrounded by the compound walls. The house has a spacious car porch and other lawn areas could also park the other domestic vehicles. From the front view, two outer walls are designed with the wall claddings. To have a modern style look, the colour combinations of white and grey acted as a catalyst.


Now, about the lighting, the designer made a great effort to pick up the lightings in the house. As we can notice that the lighting in this house played a vital role in the lively appearance of the house.There is a verandah or sit out which gives away towards the living room.


From the living room, it gives way toward the kitchen as well as to the dining area. There are two bedrooms downstairs and upstairs each. Opposite to the Dining area, we have the bedroom with the attached bathroom. In between the dining area and kitchen, there is a wash area and a common bathroom.


The kitchen is attached to the work area. Now moving on to the first floor, we step onto the upper living area. Upstairs have two bedrooms both attached with bathrooms.  There is balcony as well as an open terrace.

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