4 BHK Double Floor Contemporary Home Design At 2000 Sq Ft

Dreaming of a house that’ll take a place in anyone’s heart in the blink of an eye?  then one should consider this house. The entire plan is made in such a way that it consists of two storeys covering an area of 2000 Sq Ft with 4 bedrooms with an equal number of attached bathrooms. The exquisitely pleasing design of the house is for sure the first thing to be noticed. The most important element used here is the grey granite claddings which are ornamented throughout the home plan.


And also the designer included plain and bare walls to heighten the effect created by the granite portions. Even the pillars are half cladded with granite. The entire set up makes more promotions to get along with the grey coloured home.


The windows seemed to be trying hard to patch up with the designs and heights of the pillars. The balconies have railings designed with glass.


The plot of the house composed of a sit out, a warm welcoming living room, a dining room, a stair to climb upstairs, a kitchen with an adequate store facility, two bedrooms each in each floor with attached bathroom facility.


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