4 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 1839 Sq Ft

Thinking of a house with an eccentric, artistic architecture then this house would be the best of all the options. The house is made in such a way that it heightens twice its actual size and it is masterfully designed. Few pillars are seen supporting the house, and they are seen in the car porch area, sit out and also in the balcony of the first floor. And also it is noted specially that the pillars on the ground floor are made to stand high as it lifts the house to its heights.


The pillars are made to stand high and proud, lifting the house in the process. And moving on to the roofs, a sloping roof is installed for this house to match with the traditional touch.


The most distinctive design is found in between the space of the triangular juncture of the roof which enhances the traditional Kerala style. The walls all over the house are made to be plain except for the parallel stripes used in the middle of every wall.


The entire house is composed to have a car porch, a sit out, comfortable family living, dining room, kitchen, store, 4 bedrooms with attached and common bathroom facility, and a balcony.

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