4 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 1871 Sq Ft

Wow, now that is one amazing modern double floor, pal! We have brought you the details and specs of a beautiful 1871 Sq Ft Kerala home. This design also comes with a wonderful work area close to the kitchen on the first floor. Overall, this is a great inspiring design and is provided at its best. Tall, window-like structures could be found on both the storeys. Their initial purpose could have been to bring in more light into the house, but they have ended up serving as a stunning decorative element.


The plan of this house covers everything you will ever want in a home including a porch, 4 grand bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, spacious living rooms on each floor, expansive dining and a beautiful balcony. On the more private side of the house, there is a patio adjacent to a lower level.


The vertical elements are wrapped with the same metal as the rest of the house, unlike the vertical elements covered with stones near the driveway.

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