4 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 1875 Sq Ft

The eccentric design of this house is tiring to miss. It seems to have been put together with 3 or many different shapes. The center portion, being the tallest, has a steeply sloping roof which slopes to one side while the rest of the house either has a moderate slope roof or a flat terrace for the porch. It has half the portion with curves whatsoever and inspired by modern architecture, the house has all the cubical shapes and only to make it all the more beautiful.


Some of the windows are surrounded by beautiful cubical designs and they take away the simplicity from the walls. The house plan begins with a small slot for the car parking area or the porch. Then a sit out will lead you to the spacious and beautiful living area.


The living area will give way to the bedroom as well as the dining room. There are 2 bedrooms on the ground floor where both has a direct access to the dining room. One bedroom is given the bath attached facility whereas the other should share with the common bathroom facility available near the dining space. The flight to the first floor is provisioned near to the dining area. The first floor contains the remaining two bedrooms both are provisioned with the bath attached facility.

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    Can you send the detail of plan and estimates

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