4 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 2200 Sq Ft

Building a house nowadays is considered costly but to tell the truth, not when you build a house like this. This house would be within your budget limits and also charming and alluring for a double storey house. The entire design is made inspired by the contemporary style and the special fact to be noticed is that the house lacked visible curves. Every crook and cranny is made sharp and stipulated.


All the necessary plots of the house are placed on the ground floor, and you’d notice that the first floor is for the bedrooms and leisure time. More of the stone designs are added on the ground floor which makes it look like a stone tower.


Few pillars are added to support as well as to give a contemporary style, more of the pillars are added to the balcony area of the first floor.


The entire house is plotted in 2200 Sq Ft and it is composed of a porch, sit out, living room, a dining area, 4 Bedroom with attached bathroom facility, kitchen, store facility, balcony and an open terrace.

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