4 BHK Double Floor Home Design At 1884 Sq Ft

As usual we are here with a small yet beautiful home design along with its absolutely solved plan. The house is meant to look like a contemporary with a modern outlook. It is made with the ease of designs added to it. Some simple lines and columns are added to the house.


Sharp edges and fine lines defines the detailing of its beauty. There are few pillars placed right in front of the house supporting the sloped roofs and the sit out area. These pillars are given a granite cladding which is copied throughout the house. These designs adds much more elegance to this beautiful house. Two types of slopes are used here, one is slopy type and the other is curvy one.


The home plan is describing its  spacious availability and the sections divided. The ground floor have about 3 bedrooms all having attached bathrooms, a living room, a sit out, a kitchen, and a stair to climb up to the first floor. There we have a bedroom with attached bathroom, and a balcony.

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