4 BHK Double Floor Modern Home Design At 1650 Sq Ft

Looking for an innovative double floor home, in 9.5 cents with a total area covering 1650 square feet. The entire space is utilised and made a double storage building with the maximum facilities.  As the plot was a rectangular one, the designer should innovatively think and bring up the best design to fit this area. The entire house is composed of a car porch, a sit out area, a living room, an expansive dining area, a nice lawn covered with small metal chips to make it look better during monsoon.


From the sit out it gives a way to the living room which shares a space with dining area. Continuing from the living area to inside there is a foyer. Past foyer comes to the kitchen and the bedroom.


Near bedroom, lies the common bathroom. The kitchen is attached to the work area where the work area continues with a stair connecting to the other floor.


From the stairs, we can enter to the bedroom, where it accompanies a bedroom with a common bathroom. There are family living and a bedroom which is connected to the verandah.

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