4 BHK Double Floor Modern Home Design At 1764 Sq Ft

Worried about owning a house? If you have been wanting to put up a house that is unlike any other you have seen, then this 4BHK Kerala house could be your best bet. It has two storey that covers an area of 1764 Sq Ft and hosts the facilities needed to transform this house into a home.  While there are many features unique to this house alone, the first thing to grab your attention would surely be the flat roof.


This serves to make the house all the more beautiful. All the pillars found are made entirely up of granite and shaped like cuboids. The rectangle shaped windows are another beauty that demands attention.


The house plan covers many important areas needed to make you feel comfortable in your own home. You will also love the sloping roof that is sheltering many portions  of the house, including the ground floor. Want to make this house all yours?

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