4 BHK Modern Double Floor Home Design At 1667 Sq Ft

Now, take a look at the most beautiful traditional design we have got you here. Now, this is a wonderful house that will tempt you to call it home. Every nook and cranny of it is moulded with modern architecture. The windows have an extended part of the roof shading them from taking in unnecessary rays of the sun. You will love the design of the balcony too, which seems to be caved into the wall.


Both the storeys of this housing cover an area of 1667 Sq Ft and host 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The plan of this house covers everything you will ever want in a home including a porch, 4 grand bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, spacious living rooms on each floor, expansive dining and a beautiful open terrace.


You will also love the sloping roof that is sheltering many portions of the house, including the ground floor. When it comes to the plan of this house, you will simply be left with nothing more to ask for.

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