4 BHK Modern Double Floor Home Design At 1893 Sq Ft

Let’s check out this stunning design and plan of a Kerala Contemporary house that wins to please you. The architecture has innovatively converted opulence into an elegant art and designed it into every corner of this home. The house is plotted and designed in a double-floored design with an elegant touch in the overall structure. Lack of curves makes the house modish and makes it look more contemporary and stylish. The house is designed to form sharp-edged walls which will for sure heightens the house.


The entire house is sheltered using the sloping roof with all the necessary coverage to protect from the sunlight and all. The entire house is planned to plot across an area of 1893 Sq Ft with all the necessary availabilities and with a great luxurious form. The triangular juncture of the house is given a simple design and also the entire walls just below the roof is given black parallel stripe designs.


Few pillars are seen throughout the house holding the roofs, these pillars are designed with granite claddings. The house consists of a sit out, living room, a dining room, a kitchen with adequate space for storage room, 4 bedrooms with attached bathroom and a balcony.

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