4 BHK Modern Home Design At 1781 Sq Ft

Get a close look at an extraordinary Kerala home design put together with the latest architecture. It does not seem to be having, nor does I need, the softness of curves to make it glow. The sharp edges and fine lines are doing the job. Like many modern houses inspired by lack of flat roofs, this house to has a sloping roof that cannot be seen. It only serves to heighten the traditional shape of this house and its refined architecture.


On the top, there is a balcony that will charm you with its simple yet plush design. The architect has somehow managed to make the rest of the hose plain, smooth and stunning.


For those of you who crave the luxury of simplicity, then this house would be an ideal house.


Both its storeys cover an area of 1781 sq.ft within which it hosts 4 massive bedrooms, 4 luxury bathrooms, a porch with parking space for one vehicle, comfortable living, spacious dining, pantry kitchen, wide work area, beautiful balconies and an open terrace.

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