4 BHK Single Floor Contemporary Home Design At 1955 Sq Ft

This house is one of my favourites of contemporary styles. It possesses luxury not only from the within but also from the outside making it one of the eccentric beauties to date. A very neat look with fine lines decorates the plain walls. Due to the popular flat roof design, there’s no roof to be seen either. Still, it serves to intensify the tidiness and luxury of this contemporary house.


The entrance to the house is supported with a plain pillar. This type of pillar is not very much seen, but beautiful nevertheless. Altogether this house host a compact sit out, a comfortable yet elegant living room, a dining room near to the kitchen with a direct access and 4 roomy bedrooms with attached bathroom facility.


An alluring porch with parking space for one vehicle and a spacious modular kitchen with a convenient work area and store, beautiful balconies and an open terrace for recreation are some of the other facilities included in the plan.

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