4 BHK Single Floor Renovated Home Design At 2800 Sq Ft

Here it should be better to say that the house is based on pillar inspired one which has a way of escalating the beauty of an already existing alluring house. Which is same as that of the case of its house design. It is surely not an easy matter to route down a modern house that would fit your taste. But this house design might put an end to your search. The entire house got renovated with lots of good modern design, even for the pillars.


There are many pillars that could be seen supporting the entire home. On looking at the pillar structure, it is made in a unique shape which one can’t explain. But the pillar is the most factor that will make the home richer in modish look. The pillars are given more styling factors like granite cladding with a cuboidal shape.


The entire house is sheltered with a steeply sloping roof except for the car porch portion. The triangular juncture of the sloped portion is given a wooden styled design which made the house look more elegant from the front view.


The entire house is made available in an area of 2800 Sq Ft and the house is given so many facilities like car porch, a sit out, a warm living room, leading one to a dining room, four bedrooms with attached bathroom facility, a pantry kitchen, a storage space, and a work area.

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