4 BHK Sloping Roof Modern Home Design At 2346 Sq Ft

Searching for a contemporary Kerala home design to put up your whole family? Then why can’t you start your search from here? This is a spectacular present-day house built in the double storey that almost covers a massive area of 2346 Sq Ft. It has abundant space to have about 4 eminently comfortable bedrooms, along with the same number of bathrooms. The allures of its elevation alone are sufficient to satisfy everyone.  Different sloping roofs are given to different portions of the house making it unique from the other houses. It not only makes the house look substantial and even more magnificent.


The very first design seen is the pillars supporting the roofs of the car porch. the pillars are made with elegant designs mostly of granite claddings. The remaining pillars are also decorated with the granite claddings, but a small portion of them are designed with concrete. This granite cladding design could be found near the balcony and some other parts of the house walls and compound walls too.


They mix up well with the darker shade and style of the roof. The windows are marvellous and traditional as well, and some of them are given external shades supported with wooden pieces.


The plan is composed of 4 bedrooms all having attached bathroom facility and a sit out, comfortable living room, an expansive dining room, a kitchen with adequate work area as well as the storage facility, balcony and an open terrace.

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