4 BHK Traditional Home Design At 1920 Sq Ft

Here’s a peculiar-looking house that’ll amaze every people. The designer has made sure it is one of the best and the most beautiful among our neighbourhoods for years to come. Fine lines and sharp edges are the main ingredients used to stun out this house with the lack of softness of curves. The house is sheltered and roofed using one of the most commonly used sloping typed roofs.  This design brings in the best combination of both traditional as well as the modern touch to the house. The entire house is simply the blend of both the styles in short.


The house plan is plotted over an area of 1920 Sq Ft and comes with all the best facilities one can have in a modern contemporary house. The entire plot is planned to have double floor area. The house is provisioned to a have a sit out, a warm and comfortable living room, a trendy family living area, a dining space, 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom facility in the ground floor and a stair near to the dining area.


The stairs will lead one to the first floor where there exists a living area with the remaining two bedrooms with both having attached bathroom facility. The house is surrounded by a white colour making it more lively in nature.

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