550 Sq Ft Low Budget 2 BHK in Single Floor

This house is budgeted for about 4.5 Lakhs. This house consists of a sit out, Living cum Dining area, 2 Bedroom, 1 Common Bathroom, and a Kitchen. The house is plotted in 550 Sq Ft with the most innovative ideas to utilize the maximum space available in that plot. There is a small sit out. The house is compact and with the designer’s mindset it is a well-made house with all the requirements.

It can be the best-utilized house in many ways. A vibrant color and a designer furniture and skillful blend for the budget are also appreciable. A small amount of place is left on the four sides of the plot to have navigation all around you and to feel free of sight. The house is provided with air circulation designs and the ventilation are all innovative. A roof is made above the window, such arrangements are taken into notice to develop the design of the house.

The house entrance starts with the sit out as mentioned earlier. A living room and dining area are combined with the lack of division area. There is 2 Bedroom among them one is bath attached and the other makes a common with the dining area. There is a support of kitchen room.

Credits: manoramaonline.com

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