680 Sq Ft Low Budget House At 7 Lakhs

Searching for a house for two or three? Or for a small beautiful family? Then here’s a design of a spectacular house that will never cost you much. With only a single floor across an area of 680 Sq Ft, this home has a simple yet remarkable design. It has a moderate design that’d blend eventually with the culture and tradition neighbourhood in Kerala. The house is designed with the windows with plain glass and with frames. You’llneighbourhooddual windows positioned to the front and they advance in heightening the simple design of this house.


And it is noticed that the windows have external shades made up of concrete. They are used mainly to block out the direct sunlight from entering the house.  And the peripheral margins of the concrete shades are painted to give a more attractive look.



The hand railings used in the sit out portion is made of glass which will make the entrance look beautiful. This house is designed to have a bath attached Bedroom. There is a spacious Living room which is shared with the dining area. The dining area has the direct access to the kitchen.

Credits: manoramaonline.com

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