1 BHK Single Floor Home Design At 712 Sq Ft for 10 Lakhs

It is a very low-cost house in 712 Sq Ft. This house is a single storey house with car porch and all. This house starts with a sit out and leads to a drawing room. The drawing room is attached to a dining room. As usual, the dining room always connects to a kitchen, this house also repeats it. The kitchen is attached to a small storeroom like space. A wash area is provided in the division of drawing room.


From where stairs to the terrace start. Adjacent to the stairs a toilet and a bedroom. That bedroom has an attached bathroom. The house has a car porch and a lovely courtyard. The elevation plan of the house is given below and the walls are decorated with beautiful wall cladding.


The compound walls are given GI pipe designs to reduce the cost. The designer utilized each every space inside the plot and house was styled con temporarily. It has a concrete roofing.


Aluminum cabinets were used in the kitchen and a granite kitchen counter top is used. Mild steel and concrete are used in the making of stairs.

Credits: manoramaonline.com

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