Amazing 3 BHK Low budget House in 1280 Sq Ft

This home plan is designed to plot in1280 Sq Ft targeted with the minimum budget. The house is well planned and designed according to the needs and wishes of the client. The house is surrounded by a compound wall. And the house’s surrounding space is decorated with the much possible landscapes available. Most commonly the green landscape is used to decorate the lawn.

The floor tiles are used to maintain the appearance of the outside floor. The walls of the house are decorated with the wall cladding. The house is provided with the maximum number of lighting to provide a lively appearance and to give a blow look. The upper terrace that is the open terrace from the balcony on the first floor is given an aluminium rails support which gave an immense modern touch. As usual, the house is planned to have a sit out. The sit out gave way to the more spacious living area where it is added with a stair to the first floor.

There are three bedrooms supporting in the ground floor. And it is noticed that only the two bedrooms are bath attached and the remaining one comes with the common bathroom sharing with the kitchen side. There is a kitchen available with the work area.

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