Kerala Style Home Design of 5 BHK At 2055 Sq Ft

If you desire to have your dream house to be unique, modern and attractive, then this house could be your best bet.If you aren’t a big fan of the flat roof design which tends to be the culmination of most homes, then here is an epic substitute. The architect has planned this house with steep slope roofs that covers almost three portions of the house. As if to match up with the roof design, two windows have been included to be opened directly to the view that’ll else be covered by the roof.


You need not get to pass the porch whereas you need to pass a generous veranda before entering the house. Stepping through the entrance door will lead you to the sitting room that has adequate space to host many guests together.


There’s not a single curve to be seen in the exterior design and the less number of curves serve to emphasize the beauty of all the sharp edges found throughout the house. Granites are found decorating half of the certain portions of the walls. There are five bedrooms were surprisingly all of them have the bath attached facility. Near to the dining area is provided with a flight to the first floor is provided.

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  1. Sleebakunju V A says:

    I think it is impossible to complete the house as per the shown elevation with minimum facilities with 25lacs

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