Kerala Style House For 11 Lakhs

This entire house was planned to build in Kerala style situated in Palakkad. This house is plotted in 800 Sq Ft. This house was owned by Mr. Radhakrishnan from Shornur. This house has three bedrooms. The roofing style resembles the traditional Kerala style yet another stunning idea. The house looks more lively and its air ventilation is designed to carry away the air circulation smoothly.


Since it has a traditional touch its kitchen cupboard too looked like wise. Ordinary shelves were used instead of wall cupboards. The front area has a nice courtyard for the children to play around. There is no porch available but there is a parking area for the vehicles.



The Sit out is designed very beautifully with granite and wooden finished pillars. As we enter from sit out to inside the house, a living area is seen fully furnished with nicely carved furniture.  The living room is designed with ceiling lights and interior lighting. The courtyard is paved with floor tiles.



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