Kerala Traditional Style 2 Bedroom House at 550 Sq Ft

A home may represent one’s culture and tradition. Everyone loves to represent it through their homes. Then, Come on! Let’s consider this wonderful, single storey, Kerala house elevation. It has a conservative design that’d blend right into a traditional neighborhood in Kerala.  The single and only floor of this house envelope a considerably expansive area of 550 Sq Ft.

Two bedrooms, along with 2 attached bathrooms are contemplated to be put up within this space. The widespread traditional styling of the house undoubtedly will earn you stares. But that’s what makes it beautiful and worthy of your money. A few alluring cylindrical pillars hold up the veranda pretty well and it has been roofed by a simple, yet slightly sloping roof.

The substratum of the ground floor is covered with a charming dry stone layer painted in black which is familiar among beautiful Kerala homes. The living room gives way to the dining area. Though not separate, the space next to kitchen could be used as a dining room.

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