Kerala Traditional Style Home in Single Floor At 1500 Sq Ft

In particular, this is a grandeur Kerala house with some of the foregoing facilities. But in essence, it is a traditional house that won’t fail to grab your breath away. It has only a single floor across an area of 1500 Sq Ft and comes with the essential provisions to make living elegant and comfortable for you.Spread across an area of 1500 Sq Ft, this house is sheltered with a distinctive roof that slopes.


Inspired by moderate steep slope roofing, this house is both modern and traditional.  The border appearing just above the pillars decorating it is the most beautiful of all, for it manages to bring in a feel of a traditional bungalow. The stunning curves found in pillar bodies cover the house in a traditional glory often seen only in villas. A couple of pillars on the verandah to make the house look decorous and beautiful too.It is, in fact, a low-cost model with many facilities and essentials that include a courtyard too. A number of pillars have been used across the verandah to style it.


And about the roof, it slopes impressively and shelters the entire house. It also aids in making the house look taller than it actually is. This house consists of 3 Bedrooms facilitated with the attached bathrooms. The spacious well occupied dining area have a direct access to the kitchen.

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