Low Budget 2 BHK Home Design At 900 Sq Ft

Are you fed up? Searching for a house but having a low limited budget and searching for a modish home, then here we go! you are right here let’s have a look on this contemporary Kerala house design at 900 Sq Ft that too won’t cost you much. You’ll also notice the presence of granite cladded pillars right next to the main entrance. They closely highlight next to the plain walls and simplistic design of the entire house. To increase the styling windows, on the other hand, have a peculiar shape and grills. This pattern is ensued all over the house and making all the windows look similar yet plush.


The aim of the pillars is to make a way of escalating the beauty of an already awesome house. With half designed pillars on the porch and sit out the house looks marvelous in an inventive way.


Overall saying,  this contemporary elevated two-storey house literally glows in its own glory. From floor tile to the ceilings, everything about it is awesome, and the best portion is that it can be put jointly to cover an area of 900 Sq Ft and still provide you with 2 bedrooms. And about the roof, they seem to be having a dual impact. There exist both the flat as well as the sloping roof styles. The flat roof is provisioned to shelter the car porch. There are 2 Bedrooms and one is sharing the common bathroom facility. The remaining provisions available are a spacious dining room and a kitchen with a work area.

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