Low Budget 2 BHK Single Floor Home At 904 Sq Ft

Searching for an eccentric and accessible type home? Come here’s the solution for your question and a first rated choice worth considering. Since It’s been perfectly moulded with one of the best next-generation architecture, it way too difficult to look away from this house. Both the modern and traditional architecture was perfectly blended to form this style. Therefore this design is made popular among almost anyone searching for a house across 904 Sq Ft.


A sloping roof is found decorating not only the ground floor but also a certain portion of the first floor. It continues decorating with an awesome double border that makes it look more solid and strong. This steep roof stylishly shelters the porch and the entrance to the house.


There are very few pillars found partially covered with a grey granite wall cladding design that makes it blend in perfectly with the design of the rest of the house.  There are many windows provided all having shades from the outside. They almost block all the direct rays of the sun and also they also match the entire design of the house pretty well. A fast peer at the house elevation and plan will disclose many availabilities which are easy to develop an instant liking for. This includes 2 bedrooms with one attached bathroom facility, a spacious living room, and a kitchen. A stair is provisioned to climb up to the open terrace.

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