Low Budget Kerala Traditional Style House At 5 Lakhs

Mostly, Kerala traditional houses won’t satisfy the eye as much as modern or contemporary houses do. But with this house, it is entirely different from the concepts and designs we used to see around. At one glance it is sure that the house will serve as enough proof to satisfy you that this is in fact not an archetypal, traditional house. It is noted that the architect thrived in grabbing the beauty of a moderate sloping roof and also you’ll notice the marvelous borders covering the entire sloping roof. This border design covers entirely every corner of the roof, enlighting its allure. Many curvy cylindrical pillars have been used for support as well as design and they seem to exalt the house with their height.


The pillar inspiration made the house looks stunning as the pillars alone are simple plain. The wooden balcony railings surrounding the verandah also serve to heighten the traditional nature of this house.


The sloping roof is pretty maintained and the arch in the triangular juncture with a unique design doesn’t fail to mesmerize attention. The house plan covers almost all the necessary needs one desires. The plan specifies a Dining cum drawing room which has a direct accessibility from all the three bedrooms. Among the three only one bedroom is provisioned with the attached bathroom facility. And the remaining facility is the modular kitchen with the work area.

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  33. Prameela Balan says:

    Lovely traditional house. How about having a Puja Room in the ground floor. Not attached to kitchen wall. May be we can have a passage between the kitchen n the Puja Room.
    According to Vaastu the toilet wall should never be shared with the kitchen wall. I find this defect in house plans everywhere.
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