Simple and Unique Home Design At Low Cost

Looking for a house for two or three? Or a nuclear family? Then here’s a design of an incredible house that would not cost you much. And it is clear that a single-storey Kerala house can’t get any better than this. It has a noticeable atypical blend of traditional and modern architecture. The sit out portion has a delightful pattern trailing up its walls.

This pattern clones the perceptive nature of the house, and make it leap out from the rest of the houses in your surrounding. The roof is designed with the traditional moderate sloping roof.  But what makes it unique is the designs decorating the triangle juncture at its front. Three comfortable bedrooms are built in this house. Though there is not much enough space to separately allocate the bathroom for each bedroom. But two accessible bathrooms are designed within an accessible distance. There is a direct access to the dining room from the kitchen.

Designer K V Muraleedharan
Building Designers,Chelari AM Towers
Chelari,Thenjippalam(PO),Malappuram (Dt)
Phone: 04942400202,Mob: 9895018990

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