Single BHK Modern Home Design At 650 Sq Ft

Not all houses with a modern simple design are moderately affordable. But this house is an oddity. Although it exaggerates a breathtaking magnificent design, it deniably is low at cost model that can be reasonably priced by almost anyone on the market for a gorgeous house. You can quickly and without any effort live in happy and safe with a house like this. It has a very neat design with fine black stripe lines decorating the plain walls next to the entrance.


The designer chooses to have flat roof design rather than touching with the sloped ones due to the popularity maintained by the flat-roof design.And still, it serves to heighten the looks and luxury of this modern house.


To expand the simplicity to the entire house even the pillars are made simple and plain and also they lack the usual soft curves. There’s no desiderate balcony railings or separate window shades to be seen. This entire house covers an area of 650 SqFt where a single bedroom is hosted up with a common bathroom facility.  The other features of this house include a porch, sit-out, living, dining provisioned with stairs to climb up to the open terrace, pantry kitchen, work area, and a balcony.


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