Single Floor 3 BHK Modern Home At 1430 Sq Ft

Here’s a magnificent house that will surely make you wrap up your mind around this beauty of a house. Every inch and corner of it is designed with next-generation architecture. It is to be noted that the independent parts of the roof have a unique curved design, whereas some portions are of is simply flat. It is designed with almost two differently shaped roofs decorating and giving shelter. Altogether this house tries to bring in a uniqueness lacked by so many modern houses. Except for the curvy portion of the roof and that of the first-floor portion, the remaining parts of the house is inspired by sharp edges of rectangles and squares.


The windows are lean and tall and are caved up in a cuboid and the designs on the first floor go pretty well with the altogether modern styling of the house. All the walls aren’t completely plain rather they are designed with parallel lines all over the walls decorating them. A brief look at the plan gives us an idea of having everything necessary for a comfortable living. the provisions are a car porch with parking space for one vehicle, compact sit out, comfortable greeting living room, spacious dining,  3 bedrooms with bathrooms, a kitchen with a conveniently attached work area, and a beautiful open terrace.

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