Trending Single Floor 3 Bedroom House Design At 1592 Sq Ft

This can’t get any better than an exemplary fit for those who wish to preserve the traditions of Kerala and on the other hand making a space of the modern world.

Always Pillars have a way of escalating the beauty of an already beautiful house. Here the pillars are square cylindrical in shape with a granite wall cladding design crawling for about more than half the height of the pillar. The house has both the flat and moderate sloping ones. The car porch has the moderate sloping roof with some lines of designs in the juncture portion of the triangle roof. Moving on to the floor plan, we have the entrance near the car porch which gives way to the most spacious and welcoming living room. the living room is connected to the dining room.

It is noted that all the bedrooms have direct access to the dining area. Among the three bedrooms, two of them have the attached bathroom facility and the other shares with the common bathroom. Th kitchen and dining room are directly sunk to each other for ease of serving dishes. There is work area connected to the kitchen.

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