Two Storey House With A Handful Of Dreams In Just 20 Lakhs

Here we go with a delightful house design to make your dreams come true. Building a house is the most crucial period of one’s life. It’s a heart struck experience when you once look at it and you feel hard to wrap your mind around this beauty of this house. It is noted that the house inspires by pillars that are found in exuberance throughout its storeys in an awe-inspiring fashion.

About a quarter of their bodies are covered with fancy granite that won’t fail to seize your attention. Closely styled pillars are endowed on the wall encircling the house too. They aid in making the house look all the more luxurious and contemporary. The roof is an extra beauty hard to skip.

It not only slopes down but also it covers the front part of the ground floor. It has mainly two different shaped roofs decorating and providing shelter.  Successively they bring in a uniqueness lacked by many modern homes.You will see shadings of the windows from the outside which gives you both shade and style. Granites are found decoration half of the pillars and certain portions of the walls.


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